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Legal Concerns

Posted 5/2/2016

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  Legal problems are not usually the first thing one considers after hearing a cancer diagnosis, and I suspect that is fortunate. However, there can be lots of problems that arise during and after cancer treatment that might benefit from consultation with an attorney.

  Like what? You may have questions about disability requirements and/or insurance, work-related issues, necessary accommodations at work, problems related to lost income (e.g. what if you can't pay your rent. Does the fact that you are receiving cancer treatment bring any protection from your landlord?), even medical malpractice questions.

  These are not things that I know very much about, and I am always quick to refer someone to an attorney. Clearly the cost of an attorney can be high, but there are often clinics at law schools and various pro bono groups that can be helpful. This is a brief introduction to this excellent article from Living Beyond Breast Cancer:

April 2016 Ask the Expert: Legal Concerns
APRIL 1, 2016
EXPERTS: Stephanie Fajuri, JD
Breast cancer isn't only a medical issue. It can also come with a variety of legal issues. Knowing more about laws related to treatments, insurance,
employment and other topics can help you get the best care while protecting your family, your money and your career.
This April, a Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert, lawyer Stephanie Fajuri, JD, will answer your questions about legal concerns related to breast cancer, from insurance and employment issues to estate planning, and more.
If you have questions about legal concerns related to breast cancer, ask our expert today.
We will answer as many questions as possible, but we cannot answer all questions submitted. We will post answers on an ongoing basis throughout
April. Submit your questions now and check back here for updates.
Remember: we cannot provide diagnoses, medical consultations or specific treatment recommendations. This service is designed for educational and informational purposes only. The information is general in nature.  because treatment varies with individual circumstances. The content is not intended in any way to substitute for professional counseling or medical advice.

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