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Life and Death in Photographs

Posted 3/16/2016

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  It is always a special pleasure to use this time and space to recommend a particularly wonderful book. Although this one is really a book in progress, I have followed the author and her work over the past few years, seen many of her photographs, and have been awed by her ability to capture life and death and love and grief and meaning.

  Here is the start of a New York Times article and then a link to read more:

Cancer Family: Documenting Life Before Death
By Nancy Borowick 
When Nancy Borowick’s parents Howie and Laurel both faced stage-four cancer together three years ago, the young photographer confronted the family crisis with her camera. She documented not just their struggles, deaths and funerals, but also the many ordinary, everyday moments that had taken on a special urgency.
She is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to finance the publication of “Cancer Family,” a book of photographs, journals, found items and personal anecdotes, as well as an exhibit. It will tell the story of her parents’ journeys through their illnesses,
but just as important, it will also look back on their lives before they were sick, from the moment they met to life with kids.
They did not want to be defined by their diseases; they were many things other than cancer patients.
Ms. Borowick, 30, hopes the book will help people not only connect with her family’s story but perhaps learn from it: what truly matters and why do we wait until someone is on their death bed to truly understand what it means to live?

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