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Cancer is Expensive

Posted 6/13/2016

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  We already know this: cancer is expensive. The most explosive increases have been in the cost of drugs, and that has meant sky-rocketing co-pays and deductibles. Add the co-pays for office visits, for tests, for all kinds of scans. Include parking and gas and missed work and childcare. Few people undergoing cancer treatment are spared at least some financial hardship. And for some people, the hardship becomes bankruptcy.

  It is encouraging that this is becoming a loud national conversation. Something has to give. From Clinical Oncology News comes this informative article:

Financial Burden of Cancer Treatment Runs Deep

Although the clinical toxicity of cancer
treatment has made headlines, cancer
patients and their oncologists
infrequently discuss Cnancial issues,
according to a new study. The study
found that fewer than half of patients
discussed Cnancial concerns in their
Crst meeting with their medical
oncologist and that indirect costs of
cancer treatment, such as time off
work, are very important to patients.
“I would like for all patients to have the opportunity to discuss costs with their
oncologist or other providers,” said lead investigator Lauren Hamel, PhD, an
assistant professor of oncology in the Population Studies and Disparities Research
Program at Wayne State University/Karmanos Cancer Institute, in Detroit. Dr. Hamel
presented the study at the 2016 ASCO Quality Care Symposium (abstract 178).

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