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Exercise and Bone Loss

Posted 7/14/2016

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  Bone loss is surely not only a cancer-related problem. As we age, bone loss becomes a problem for most people. However, some cancer treatments (think the AIs for breast cancer) accelerate the issue, and many of us are concerned about trying to sustain healthy and strong bones. This is one of those survivorship issues that has become a larger problem as more of us survive cancer and go on for many years.

  We know the usual recommendations about calcium and Viamin D and exercise. Be aware that there has recently been some controversy about calcium supplements, and you might want to talk about them with your doctor. There does not seem to be disagreement about the importance of adequate Vitamin D levels and the value of exercise.

  This article from the Wall Street Journal discusses the need for exercise, stating that at least twice weekly high-intensity work outs, including the use of weights, are vital. Once again, we have to work for that benefit!

  Here is the start of the article and a link to read more:

To Curb Bone Loss, a Certain Amount of Exercise Is Needed

Study finds a twice-a-week minimum

Older women at risk of osteoporosis should participate in high-impact exercise, including weight training, at least twice a week to maintain bone density as they age, says a study in the journal Bone. Exercise appeared to lose its effectiveness below two sessions a week, the study found.

The study sought to determine the minimum dose of exercise needed to maintain bone density at normal or near-normal levels in postmenopausal women with osteopenia, or pre-osteoporosis. It found that women who exercised consistently every week experienced bone loss, but the reduction was significantly less than a control group that didn’t exercise regularly.

Read more:


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