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A Reality Check

Posted 7/8/2016

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  We so much want to believe the hopeful headlines. For some of us, it is even easy to get swept up into the thinking about an effort by pharma and other strong interests to actually keep cures from the market as they are intent on making piles of money. They are intent on making piles of money, but I can promise you that no one is keeping anything promising from the market. Quite the opposite.

  The truth is that cancer is many diseases, not a single one, and each variant is incredibly complicated and strong and able to mutate and resist and otherwise make treatments really difficult. This is a somewhat disheartening but honest piece from Stat about the likely slow pace of cancer research.

Eric Lander: The Majority of Cancer Cures will take Decades

ASPEN, Colo. — Softening the current optimism about curing cancer, a leading figure in genetics and disease research says it’ll take decades to transform the majority of cancers into chronic diseases instead of lethal ones.

Eric Lander, who co-chairs the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, hopes the administration’s recently announced cancer “moonshot,” led by Vice President Joe Biden, will help shorten this time frame.

“It’s not going to be all done in 10 years, but if we get it done in 40 years, I’m not going to be embarrassed,” Lander said during a session at Spotlight Health, part of the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado.

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