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Posted 1/6/2016

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  I am all too familiar with sorrow and no stranger to grief. By this time in life, virtually everyone has experienced terrible loss, but my personal list includes not just my father, my mother, my grandson, other family members and dear friends, including my best childhood buddy, Louise, and more recently, Harriet,  but many women whom I have known and loved through their cancers. Of course the feelings are different, but no two losses and no two griefs are identical.

  I sat yesterday with a beautiful young woman who is very ill and understands that she will not live to raise her three year old son. She talked about lying in bed, being unable to raise her head from the pillow, and listening to her husband and child in the kitchen. As she thought: "This is what my house will sound like", she was both relieved and devastated. 

  This is a brief introduction to a stunning letter sent to me by Casey. It is described as an online response, to a stranger, about living with grief. It feels exactly right.

  I have been trying to copy and paste the first paragraph, and the site won't let me do it. Please trust me and click on the link:


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