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Year Review

Posted 12/30/2016

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  There is still one more day in 2016, but this will be my final blog of the year. It seems fitting to use it to share an article from the American Cancer Society about the biggest cancer news stories of the year. The bottom line is that progress is indeed being made, but it is far slower than we would wish. Cancer continues to too often be a lethal disease.

Top 10 Cancer News Stories of 2016

Our team of journalists works hard every day to bring you the latest news and information about cancer topics to keep you informed. We
monitor scientific journal articles, government health and cancer reports, and studies from our own American Cancer Society researchers to bring you the news you need about ways to lower your risk from cancer, and ways to cope with the disease.
In 2016 we published stories about new findings in cancer risk factors, treatments, and survivorship issues in children and adults. Our writers and editors have chosen the 10 most significant stories of the year.
HPV drops since vaccinations began in US
Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows the percentage of teen girls infected with human papilloma virus (H-PV) has dropped significantly since vaccination was introduced in 2006. HPV is linked to several types of cancer.

Protect your health by breaking up long stretches of sitting
Data from several studies, including the American Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Study II Nutrition Cohort, shows it takes about 3 times the recommended daily amount of physical activity to offset the dangers of sitting for 8 hours a day. Read our practical tips for interrupting long periods of sitting.

Recommendations on taking daily aspirin
The United States Preventive Services Task Force published recommendations about aspirin use to help prevent colon cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. But taking low-dose daily aspirin is potentially more dangerous for some people than for others, so you need to talk to your doctor to be sure.

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And wishing you and yours a Healthy and Happy 2017


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