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Breast Cancer Subtypes

Posted 12/6/2016

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  It was not all that long ago that "breast cancer was breast cancer", and I suspect that many of us still held that belief before our own diagnosis. The earliest treatment, of course, was a radical mastectomy, and that gradually evolved to wide excision/radiation being offered to many women--and the advent of chemotherapy and hormonal/anti-estrogen therapies. With the fairly recent discovery of her2 positive cancers, a shift continued towards more distinct recognition of sub-types of breast cancer and treatment choices that are tailored to be most helpful for each individual.

  This is a very good interview with Debu Tripathy, MD from Living Beyond Breast Cancer about this:

 Ask the Expert: Know Your Subtype

Breast cancer is o#en thought about as one disease. But in reality, di!erent breast cancers grow for di!erent reasons and need different treatments. There are three main subtypes of breast cancer: hormone receptor-positive, HER2-positive and triple-negative. Do you know your subtype?
Researchers have created therapies specific to certain subtypes to best treat each type of the disease. They’re always learning more about these subtypes, trying to find new subtypes, and working to create new treatments.
In November, Living Beyond Breast Cancer expert Debu Tripathy, MD answered your questions about breast cancer subtypes.

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