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A Vision to End Cancer

Posted 12/27/2016

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  Consider this essay from the American Cancer Society (ACS) to be a late Christmas gift. I especially appreciate the absence of rose-colored glasses in the presence of continued hopefulness.

Defining the End of Cancer
The epic quest to figure out an end to cancer and what
that could look like

By American Cancer Society Editors

Cancer is practically as old as life. Dinosaurs had cancer. Trees get
cancer. Right now, all of us have some cells with the potential to
cause cancer, though they usually get destroyed before becoming a

Scientists have been on an epic quest to eliminate cancer for
centuries, but given its prevalence, cancer is probably here to stay.
“Saying ‘the end of cancer’ is motivating, but it’s probably not
realistic,” says Richard Wender, MD, chief cancer control officer for
the American Cancer Society (ACS). “It’s an aspirational statement for
me. It’s something we work toward.”
However, there are other ways to think about the end of cancer: The
end of fear of cancer; the end of pain, suffering, and death from
cancer; the end of cancer as an inevitable disease. Wender points out
that up to half of all cancer deaths could be prevented. And for
cancers that can’t be cured, improved treatments could “enable us to
peacefully coexist with our cancer for a long time,” says Otis Brawley,
MD, FACP, ACS chief medical officer.

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