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You Did Not Cause your Cancer

Posted 8/31/2016

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  It was not stress. It was not poor anger management or not getting enough sleep or exercise. It was not eating too many fried clams and not enough broccoli. It was not anything that you did or anything that you didn't do that caused the cancer. In all honesty, we know that there are a few things that can cause cancer or can at least raise the risk of cancer: smoking or asbestos exposure or the combination of too much alcohol and tobacco. But, even in those cases, most people don't actually develop cancer.

  Nature built many safeguards into our bodies. It is not easy for a cancer to develop. Many biological things have to go wrong, things we absolutely cannot control and never even think about (or most of us, never even understand.) It takes a perfect storm. And hence this article from Eureka Science Report:

New research reveals cancers need a 'perfect
storm' of conditions to develop

SCIENTISTS have demonstrated for the first time the 'perfect
storm' of conditions that cells need to start forming cancer,
helping to explain why some organs are more susceptible to
developing the disease, according to a new study published
in Cell today (Thursday).
The research,* carried out by scientists at Cancer Research
UK's Cambridge Institute at the University of Cambridge and
St Jude's Children's Research Hospital in the United States,
shows that cancers are more likely to start in stem cells -
special cells that copy themselves so the body can grow new
cells, repair damaged tissue and replace old cells.
But while these stem cells are more susceptible to
developing into cancer, they also need to have accumulated
DNA mistakes and be replicating to repair damage or wear
and tear for cancers to start.

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