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Clinical Trials for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Posted 8/10/2016

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  Clinical trials are often of interest and importance to people with all stages of cancer. Men and women with advanced/Stage IV/metastatic cancers may be the most interested for obvious reasons. Once cancer is no longer curable, it is especially important to understand all possible treatment options.

  Clinical trials always have rigid entrance requirements and often limit the number of previous treatments that an individual has had. The scientific rationale for this is clear: it is impossible to understand how those earlier drugs changed/mutated the cancer cells, so it is impossible to now know how Drug X would work on  less changed cancers.

  This can be a real Catch 22: Do you go with a known treatment that is likely to be helpful, but certainly is not a rock star, or do you take a chance with an unknown drug that, being tested, that might possibly turn out to be a FABULOUS drug (think hereptin for breast cancer or Gleevac for CLL or GIST tumors)? It is, sadly,, much more likely that the new drug will be about as effective as the older one and may even turn out to be less good. But, if you opt for the standard treatment, you may be losing your only opportunity to try to new treatment (as in you will later be ineligible). This is just one of the many factors to be carefully considered, and thinking about clinical trials is always confusing and stressful.

  This is an introduction to a webinar from Living Beyond Breast Cancer about clinical trials for metastatic breast cancer. If this is your situation, you surely would register. And, if it is not, it would still be interesting and a way to gather good information.

  Here is the introduction and a link to register and learn more:

Metastatic Breast Cancer: Understanding and Finding Clinical Trials

When: Friday, July 25, 2014
Noon – 1 P.M. ET

Register for our free webinar to learn more about metastatic breast cancer clinical trials.

When you are living with metastatic breast cancer, gaining access to new therapies may give you more treatment options. During our free July webinar on understanding and finding metastatic breast cancer clinical trials, Hope S. Rugo, MD, will help you

understand how clinical trials may help you receive treatments under study
discover some of today’s most compelling clinical trials, and find out how to access them
learn to discuss open trials with your healthcare providers
explore key factors that help you understand if a trial is a match for you


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