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Short Course about Cancer

Posted 9/18/2015

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  Some of you are aware that my husband and I have been, for several years, working with St. Albert's Mission Hospital in rural Zimbabwe. This has been an incredible experience in many ways, and I would also enthusiastically seize the opportunity to talk more with anyone who might be interested. This entry, however, is to introduce you to a short course developed by one of our colleagues, Darrell Ward, from Better Healthcare fr Africa. BHFA is the Ohio-based NGO that supports St. Albert's and another small hospital in Zimbabwe.

  Darrell has developed a short course of videos, available on line, at no cost, to teach people the basic science behind cancer. You will see from his description that it is primarily intended to be useful to people in developing/under-resourced countries, but I found it interesting and useful. I think that anyone who is interested in understanding a little more about cancer would feel similarly.  Here is his introduction and a link:

"Introduction to the Science of Cancer" is for anyone interested in a better understanding of cancer, but it could be of particular interest to key stakeholders in low- and middle-income countries, e.g., medical students, primary care nurses and hospital staff, reporters and editors, secondary-school teachers and ministry-of-health and community-health workers.
The course has five modules, each with seven videos. The 10-min videos are presented by Ohio State oncologists and cancer researchers who describe their topics in user-friendly language. The academic level as nonscience college freshmen. 
ISOC stresses cancer prevention and notes that such efforts can also help prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and other serious noncommunicable diseases.  The course is offered in the belief that a better understanding of cancer by all, and by these stakeholders/audiences in particular, could over time improve cancer care and reduce cancer incidence globally -- hopefully, even in places like Zimbabwe. 
The registration page is at:
What is Cancer?,  the first video for the course, can be viewed at


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