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Myths about Cancer

Posted 10/26/2015

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  It is really astonishing that some of the myths surrounding cancer persist. There are the individual ones: "I got breast cancer because my dog stepped on my breast." or "I have cancer because I am always so stressed." Those are easier to address than the general ones that keep circulating. Cancer does not happen because you couldn't manage your anger better or because your bra was too tight or because you used anti-antiperspirant.

  Take it from a much better source than me, the NCI: you will quickly see that this did not cut and paste very well. Please just go to the link and read it more clearly

Common Cancer Myths and Misconceptions

Certain popular ideas about how cancer starts and spreads—though scientifically wrong—can seem to make sense, especially when those ideas are rooted in old theories. But wrong ideas about cancer can lead to needless worry and even hinder good prevention and treatment decisions. This page provides the latest science information about some common cancer myths and misconceptions.

Is cancer a death sentence?

In the United States, the likelihood of dying from cancer has dropped steadily since the 1990s. Five-year survival rates for some cancers, such as breast, prostate, and thyroid cancers, now exceed 90 percent. The 5-year survival rate for all cancers combined is currently about 66 percent. For more information, see the Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer.

It is important to note, however, that these rates are based on data from large numbers of people. How long an individual cancer patient will live and whether he or she will die from the disease depend on many factors, including whether the cancer is slow or fast how much the cancer has spread in the body, whether effective treatments are available, the person’s overall health, and more.

Will eating sugar make my cancer worse?


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