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Helpful Apps

Posted 11/30/2015

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  It is rather ironic that I am posting this article and several links about helpful apps for cancer patients/survivors. I am very techno-phobic, but have come to appreciate the value of my electronic toys. It surely is easier to have the phone at hand instead of driving around, looking for a pay phone. And I really like being able to download books on the Kindle and only carry the iPad, rather than six books, when I go on vacation. It has not been in my wheelhouse, as they say, to extend my appreciation of apps to cancer care. That needs to be changed.

First I am giving you an overview from CancerNet that, if you read the entire article, lists a large number of potentially helpful apps. I will then add links to more information about several of the most useful.

Other Mobile Applications
Mobile phones, or smartphones, give people with cancer, survivors, and caregivers a convenient way to access online health information. Below is a list of mobile applications (“apps”) for you to download or visit on your mobile phone.
Cancer.Net provides these links as a convenience to its visitors. Cancer.Net and ASCO have no control over the applications and websites maintained by third parties. Cancer.Net and ASCO do not endorse the content, operators, products, or services of such applications and websites. Cancer.Net and ASCO are not responsible directly or indirectly for any damages or injury caused by or in connection with use of any such content, products, or services available through third-party applications and websites.

Read more and get the list:

And this:

And this:


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