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A Review of Chinese Medicine

Posted 7/1/2015

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  Chinese medicine and traditions often hold the most interest in any consideration of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). Even people who are naturally skeptical are forced to recognize the long history and apparent value of some treatments. Have you ever read one of the amazing accounts of someone comfortably having surgery with acupuncture as the only anesthesia? That surely seems to beat the old Western tradition of whiskey and a bullet to bite.

  If you have an interest in it, this is a very good review from the Journal of Thoracic Cancer. Here is the start and a link:

Traditional Chinese medicine and cancer: History, present situation, and development

Jie Liu*1, ShuoWang*1,2, Ying Zhang1, Hui-ting Fan1 & Hong-sheng Lin1
1 Department of Oncology, Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing, China
2 Clinical Medicine College (Guang’anmen Hospital), Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

Cancer treatmentwith traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)has a long history.Heritage
provides general conditions for the innovation and development of TCM in
oncology. This article reviews the development of TCM in oncology, interprets the
position and function of TCMfor cancer prevention and treatment,summarizes the
innovations of TCM in oncology over nearly fifty years, and suggests the development

Cancer treatment with traditional Chinese medicine
(TCM) has a long history. Discussions of cancer appeared
in classical works, such as The Yellow Emperor’s Inner
Canon and The Classic of Medical Problems, more than
2000 years ago. Concepts of diagnosis and treatment,
such as strengthening body resistance and eliminating
pathogens, treating both the manifestation and root cause,
treating the same disease with different methods, and treating
different diseases with the same methods, have been
proven by clinical practice. These concepts have become
characteristics and advantages of TCM for cancer prevention
and treatment, as demonstrated by modern technology
and methods. Heritage has laid the foundation for the
innovation and development of cancer treatment with TCM, attracting more and more international attention and cooperation.


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