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Survivor Guide and Resources for All

Posted 12/15/2015

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  This will be a brief but, I hope, helpful entry. You might want to bookmark or save it or move the information to somewhere you will remember to use it. I am sharing information about two new, really excellent resources for oncology patients and their families: Wellist and the Wellness Guide for Cancer Survivors that the MA Department of Health and Human Services has just released.

Wellist "offers patients personalized recommendations for helpful services when they are needed most. Patients can quickly research services to pick those that are most useful and save them for easy reference. Patients also have the option to create a registry of needed services, enabling family and friends to be supportive and helpful." This is a practical and very useful and free tool:

  The Wellness Guide is available online and as a nice booklet. Here is what the website says:

You Are Not Alone

Every year more than 36,000 Massachusetts residents hear the words, “You have cancer.” Thanks to better ways of finding and treating cancer, there are more cancer survivors living today than ever before.

Some cancer survivors will complete treatment. Others continue on active treatment, managing cancer much like a chronic health condition. While each survivor’s cancer and treatment may be different, each is living through the experience just like you. They have similar questions and fears, as well as similar determination, and hopes about getting better and moving forward with their lives.

This guide is not about your cancer treatment; it is to help you prepare for the journey ahead and improve the quality of your life.

Read and learn more:


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