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Support Groups and a Poem

Posted 12/18/2015

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  Some of you have personally experienced one of my groups and others know about them. I have written before about how much I love these special groups of women, and today I want to share something very special. My Wednesday late afternoon group, first begun in 1995, is for women who have completed active treatment for breast cancer. Some women come for the first year or two, others attend regularly or occasionally for years, others come for the first time some years after cancer. Everyone is welcome.

  When we met this week, we concluded the meeting with Maureen reading this wonderful poem that she had written. It was a perfect way to end the meeting and to finish off the year together. Here it is as well as a few comments from others in the group:

Eight Years and Counting
So as twenty fifteen comes to an end.
Good wishes and good health, to you I send.
To Hester’s group I’ve been coming for more than eight years.
We’ve shared so very much, amidst laughter and tears.
We talk about families, our health, and our lives,
of our roles as mothers, as friends, and as wives.
Triumphs we share.  Disappointments we spill.
Anxieties about tests, whether we’re healthy or ill.
New nipples, old nipples, no nipples, have we.
Scars fresh and angry, and scars you can’t see.
Hester brings us together.  A circle of ladies.           
Grounding us with certainties, with hope, and some maybes.
Why keep coming back at year number eight?
Because I share with you thoughts I don’t share with my mate.
“An insurance policy”. One of you gave it that name.
“Just in case it comes back, I would need it the same”.
In the mean time, when I’ve no angst to reveal, 
you are here sharing what you fear and feel.
We have differences and commonalities in this history we share.
We’ve a forum where we can listen, empathize, and care.
For all that, I am grateful, and will keep coming here.
And today I wish for you, what you wish for yourself this coming year.

We all loved it!

From Ellen: Maureen - I have not been to group in an age, but I read what you all write and feel very connected spiritually, if not physically!  Thanks for sharing your poem and lovely wishes for the upcoming year.  And I wish all of us a healthy, happy, and beautiful New Year

From Marie-Alice: What a beautiful poem, Maureen ! A rhyming perfection for us, in Hester's group.

I was sad to have missed yesterday's meeting but it is such a good feeling to, no matter what, always feel included. I will coming from a little farther now  but planning to be at the meetings when I can. 
To each, my best wishes. Happy Holidays and a great 2016 !

From Jodie: What lovely prose. Thank you for sharing.
Your words surely make me wish that I could be joining you lovely ladies on a regular basis.
I have so come to realize that no matter how much my family and dearest friends love and support me they will never quite understand and in some ways they will never quite get it right.
At the end of this hellish year I count you ladies, essentially a group of strangers, among my greatest blessings.
I hope that doesn't sound like too much but when I have felt so incredibly alone you ladies have answered my cries with such understanding and compassion.
I wish contentment, peace and above all, JOY to each and every one of you beautiful women.

And from Rosalie: 

To have concluded our group time together with Maureen reciting this talented poem she wrote was a holiday gift to us all.   

Thanks, Maureen, for sharing your talent and expression that I relate to.

For all, a healthy year plus..with holiday joys.


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