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Guide to Complementary Therapies

Posted 8/11/2015

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  Occasionally I find a resource that is so excellent that it must be immediately shared. Such is the case with this Guide to Understanding Complementary Therapies from Living Beyond Breast Cancer. It has equally useful to people with any other kind of cancer; there is nothing that is only breast cancer related in the guide.

  Since this is a continuing and popular topic, it is worth reading and, perhaps, bookmarking for future information. Here is the introduction and a link:

Guide to Understanding Complementary Therapies

As you begin to move through or complete
treatment, you may seek ways to lessen
emotional and physical side effects. Perhaps
you already reached out to a mental health
provider or to peers for emotional support.
Even if they are helping you, finding other
means of getting support might benefit you.
Maybe you want to add physical activity to
your routine to help you rebuild your strength
and promote overall wellness. Research shows
changing some parts of your lifestyle, such as
becoming more active and improving your diet,
may lead to better health outcomes.
For all these reasons, more and more people are
adding complementary therapies to conventional
treatment. They are adopting an integrative
medicine approach to overall care.


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