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Fred Hutch marketing

Posted 8/17/2015

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  As much as I wish it were true, I hate this. I have already heard from several women over the past few weeks about television ads for MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston that they found offensive, and now this pronouncement from the President of the Fred Hutch Cancer Center in Seattle: a cure for cancer in ten years.

  We have heard this before, probably even earlier than Nixon's declared War on Cancer in 1971. And it makes great advertising and even better headlines--and we all know that the very best kind of marketing and pr is just that, being in the news. However, I am pretty sure that even he does not believe it. And, if he gave it one second's thought, he would realize (I hope!) how cruel statements like this are for patients. Say that we are making progress. Say that there is lots of hope. Say that better and better treatments will be discovered. Say that we will learn how to prevent some cancers. But don't promise cures that we can't deliver.

Fred Hutch president predicts cancer cure in 10 years; critics
have heard it all before

Every few years someone steps in it by claiming we are close to a cancer cure
– as if all cancers are alike and we’ll soon have all the knowledge we need to
cure the myriad forms of cancer.
The latest public figure to make that claim is Fred Hutchinson Cancer
Research Center president Dr. Gary Gilliland. He recently told attendees at a
life science industry conference in Seattle, Washington, that cancer is “running
scared” and predicted a cure would come in the next decade.
“It is actually plausible that in 10 years we will have cures and therapies for
most, if not all, human cancers,” Gilliland told the audience of pharmaceutical
executives and investors during his keynote talk.
The work driving this advancement, according to Gilliland, comes from – not
surprisingly – Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and one of its
spin-offs, Juno Therapeutics, which is heavily invested in immunotherapies. As
reported by a GeekWire correspondent

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