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Wonderwell Next Day

Posted 4/15/2015

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  The stars. Oh, the stars. My bed here is tucked into a eave under a large skylight. When I awakened in the middle of the night, I was immediately stunned by the stars visible through the glass. We are deep in the country, so there were no competing lights. It was a glorious sunset and a clear evening, so there were no clouds to block them. Instead, the sky looked like a child's painting: huge bright stars in an inky black sky. Chock a block next to one another and illuminating the world below.

  The stars were a fitting companion to the days. Yesterday was full and intense and soothing and blissful. We had an almost two hour movement and mediatation session with Lama Samten in the morning. She began by asking if we wanted to dance. As you would guess, there were surprised glances around the room, but she put on terrific and interesting music, suggested that we close our eyes and move. And we did. The music changed and the rhythms changed and we all focused inward and on our bodies and moved. One woman who has bad arthritis and constant pain told us later that she had not moved so much in years and that she felt better afterwards than she had in equally long. After the dancing, we moved out the yoga mats, did some gentle moves, and then meditated. First, Samten spoke softly about the need to be both mother and child to ourselves, to nurture and cradle and cherish and to have freedom and fun.

  Then lunch, probably one of my all time favorite meals: home made tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. In case anyone felt a pressing need to be healthy and lower calorie, there was also a big spinach salad. Perfect.

  After lunch, we again sat in Circle, and this time we were family. Deep and honest truths were expressed, fears were shared, love was given and reciprocated. No one was alone, and everyone was understood. In spite of our 40 year age spread and very different lives, we were in the same place. Together. The Kleenex was passed around, and there were many tears, including mine, but there was also laughter. I would summarize the feeling as "essence of life".

  Later, wine and appetizers and dinner and tea and more conversation. The gorgeous sunset over the mountains reminded me of the Chinese saying: "I said to the tree: Sister, speak to me of God. And the almond tree blossomed."

  We blossomed and we will cherish those fragile blooms.




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