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Charletans and Liars and Special Places in Hell

Posted 4/24/2015

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  Sometimes I read something that is so infuriating that I have no words. Generally I am an even-tempered person, rarely angry, but this story from Australia incites rage.

  We have all occasionally read a news story about someone who fabricated a cancer story to make money. Probably some people do so and get away with is, and the ones who get caught usually have not made zillions of dollars. This is different. This is a young woman who made a fortune. I could carry on for a while, but think it is better to just share the story from Medscape:

Creator of Cancer-Cure Diet Faked Her Cancer

The creator of a best-selling mobile phone app and cookbook, The Whole Pantry, has confessed that her story of healing terminal brain cancer through diet and other natural therapies is a fabrication.
"None of it's true," said Australian entrepreneur Belle Gibson, who claims to be 23 years old, in a magazine interview published this week.
The admission comes after weeks of public questioning of Gibson and media exposes of falsehoods and contradictions in her cancer cure story.
But it also comes after Gibson, who is the mother of a 4-year-old boy, achieved great success and visibility, aided by various powerful media.
Her $35 cookbook was published by Penguin Books in Australia and had been due to be distributed in the United Kingdom and United States this month before its recent cancellation by the publisher.
In addition, Gibson's $3.79 app has been downloaded at least 300,000 times and was voted Apple's Best Food and Drink App of2013. The app was, at one time, supposed to part of the recently launched Apple Watch.

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