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Some Comments on Blog Changes

Posted 9/2/2014

Posted in

  Thank you so very much for your comments on the anticipated changes in this blog. If you missed that posting, it is on 8/31. I would love to hear from more of you, so, please,  either respond through the "Comments"  section below or send an email directly to me:

I found your blog when I made a career shift from working with children in care to working in oncology nearly 2 years ago. I was trying to learn everything that I could about the field in an effort to settle in to my new role, and your blog has been so helpful for me. I enjoy the variety of topics and the links to other blogs. I also appreciate that a lot of the articles posted are understandable to someone who did not go to school for medicine. I offer your blog as a resource, mostly to my breast patients, but on occasion, to women with other types of cancer as well. The topics that seem to be the most helpful to these women are survivorship and sexuality. I have pulled a few articles on survivorship that I found through your blog that I have forwarded to the ladies or else used in my group. I personally enjoy most of your blog- although I do tend to skip over the really scientific stuff as it’s just not my thing.

Whatever your decision for posting, I do hope you continue to write. I enjoy your blog, as do the patients I work with. Good luck with all of the changes!

I am a regular reader of the blog and have the following thoughts.

1. I think the credibility of the affiliation with the medical center is very important. I do believe that one must question, and verify much of what is in the blogosphere. Therefore, being a credible source is of utmost importance.
2. I think less frequent posts are fine. And, it has the advantage of relieving you of an every day work task...take time off!
3. The blog topics are quite repetitive over time. So, even though a less frequent blog will be focused on topics related to all kinds of cancer, it seems that new cancer news could easily be accommodated within such a blog.

Many thanks for your terrific work on this blog, which I have been following for about a year. I note that Dana Farber has an excellent general cancer blog (Insight), so it would be a shame to lose this blog with its unique breast cancer focus. Luckily, most patients have only one type of cancer. I have appreciated your daily postings, but have felt a little guilty knowing the effort that must go into producing interesting content every single day! Three days a week would be great and still relatively frequent, compared to other blogs I visit.


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