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Pink October Gets Earlier and Uglier

Posted 9/18/2014

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  First, many thanks to Casey for bringing this particularly heinous piece of pink to my attention. If you have read this blog during the fall of other years, you are aware of my intense dislike of the whole PInk October campaign. What was once, 20 or so years ago, a legitimate effort to bring breast cancer into the public conversation has become a marketing tool for anyone who wants to grab a piece of the cancer action.

  There are pink shoes on NFL players (and let's digress here for a moment and point out the particular cynicism of this move when the League is being forced to disclose its' non-position on domestic violence/violence against women and children) and pink garbage trucks and pink ribbons on the packaging of all manner of merchandise. This one, however, may be the worst I have seen.

  Welcome to National BRA day. This is a terrific post from Ann Silberman's blog, But, Doctor, I Hate Pink. Please, please take a few minutes to read it and, if you can, a few more minutes to take the push back actions that she suggests. If we all do so, we will make a difference.

  Here is an excerpt and a link:

From the marketing campaign:

Boobs are so much more than just “the girls” or “melons.” They’re fabulous. They make us feel sexy, whether we’re in our best outfit, lounging around in our favorite flannel PJs, or just bare butt naked. This fall, we want to spread this sensation of beauty and breast empowerment to breast cancer patients and survivors, as well as women nationwide.

Many women who undergo mastectomies aren’t adequately informed about breast reconstruction options and reimbursement. In order to help raise awareness of these available options, we’re celebrating National BRA Day 2014 (October 15), in affiliation with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, with a grassroots social media campaign using the hashtag #WHATSUNDERHERE.
Each participant receives a t-shirt with the #WHATSUNDERHERE hashtag on the front. In addition to the t-shirt, each kit comes with a set of cards with fun and thought-provoking sayings, such as: “Is Cancer Free,” “Looks Great Naked,” “Will Not Take Cancer Lying Down,” among others.


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  • Patricia Hogan said:
    9/18/2014 11:15 AM

    Thanks for bringing this horrendous "campaign" to our attention. I, for one, will be "pushing back" and hope many others will as well!