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Buckle Up for October

Posted 9/25/2014

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  After yesterday's more geeky entry, I am back with my negative obsession re Pink October. Like stores that start to decorate for Christmas in October or Valentine's Day in January, propaganda about Pink Breast Cancer Awareness gets earlier and earlier. I promise that I will find other things to think and write about, especially since the focus of this blog is supposed to broaden in October.

  And before I share a couple of horrifying examples, let me first wish everyone, Jewish or not (and this comes comfortably as my husband is Jewish, and I am not), a Heathy, Happy, and Sweet New Year. A friend shared this very lovely prayer:

"God our Father, walk through my house and take away all my worries and
illness and please watch over and heal my family and other families too...Amen."

  And now to Pink October. I wrote a few days ago re the Bold and Bald initiative. There's more:

Now they're launching a "Bold Surprise" initiative:

"Do you want to help fight cancer in a HUGE way? Win $5,000 for the charity of your choice! All you have to do is put on your bald cap, surprise someone who has been affected by cancer, and catch it on video for a chance to win. It's simple, fun and for a good cause. Click the link below to get started today!"
SURPRISE a cancer patient wearing a "bald" cap and videotaping it is so beyond horrifying it will be difficult to stay quiet.
 (there is more in Facebook should you want to see it)

And from the Huffington Post, a thoughtful and sane response:

My Disease is Not a Cutsey Slogan

Laura Huffman 
Blogger, breast cancer survivor

It's not even October yet, and I'm already dreading the upcoming pink-washing assault. Everywhere you go, you'll see pink merchandise in your grocery stores, clothing stores, television and football games. It's everywhere. Why? Breast cancer awareness is a money-making behemoth industry.

One of the many reasons I despise Breast Cancer Awareness month is the fact that all the pink ribbon T-shirts will be coming out of the closet. I will keep running into time and time again men and women wearing shirts telling us to save the ta-tas, save the boobies, save the hooters or save second base. I despise those sayings with a passion of a thousand fiery suns.

When it comes to breast cancer, screw saving the ta-tas, boobies or second base. The primary concern should be removing the cancer from the woman's body, and oftentimes that means a single or double mastectomy. You know -- not saving the breasts.

At my one-year check-up after the end of treatment (i.e., lumpectomy, chemo and radiation), I was informed that it looked like my cancer was attempting a comeback. I no longer had a choice whether or not to have a mastectomy. Every single one of my doctors was in agreement that a double mastectomy was the right decision for me.


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