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Blog Update and More on Bold and Bald

Posted 9/21/2014

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  Many thanks to you all who responded to my request for comments about possible changes to this blog. If you didn't see that entry, I reported that there were funding changes afoot, and that it was not clear that this blog would be continued after September. I was trying to convince "the powers that be" to find another way, and planning to move my daily contributions off site to something like BlogSpot if necessary.

  I was so very appreciative of all your thoughtful and supportive comments and shared them with the decision makers. Fortunately, they were convinced, and this blog, with a few changes, will continue. I am delighted and hope that you will continue to read it. We are working on a larger scheme to create a real online community for our oncology patients and families, and this blog would be a central part of that project.

  Here are the minor changes that will take effect October 1st: The blog's name will change from Living with Breast Cancer to Living with Cancer. Many of my entries are much broader than breast cancer, and if there is big breast cancer news, I will still write about it. The difference will be that I will also write about big lung or colon cancer news. If you know much about cancer research, you know that increasingly advances are across disease sites, and more attention is being paid to the biology and the genetics of disease. This likely means that some breast cancers will be treated more like some, for example, kidney cancers and less like some other breast cancers in the future. This also means that the research information should continue to be relevant. If you would like lots of breast cancer research information, email me, and I will put you on the Listserv that receives multiple articles daily from me: hhill@bidmc.harvard,edu.

  Second change: I will write blogs Monday-Friday, no longer on week-ends or holidays. I suspect that hardly anyone will notice that difference--except me. Again, thank you for your support. Without your letters, I don't think this would have happened.

  And now Part Two of today: follow up to yesterday's piece about the repulsive campaign to wear cute little bald caps on October 17th "in solidarity" with people with cancer. I wrote some about it, but my friend, Britt, wrote more and better. Here is a quote from her piece and a link to read more. Do so; its' great:

cannot tell you how badly I want to rip this off of her head. What’s next? Faux colostomy bags for Anal Cancer?

Your fundraising starter pack includes t-shirt with a detachable Velcro “bag” with realistic, watery poo! Customize your stoma to honor a loved one: “I’m diverting my colon today for Uncle Harry!”

I hope everyone would agree this would be in poor, poor taste by diminishing a very real, and extremely sensitive, upsetting, and necessary aspect of treating a deadly disease. But we’re badgered daily to be “bold” or “brave” enough to show solidarity with the battle-weary cancer-ed by buying crap one might find at Spencer’s. I cannot express strongly enough how un-helpful fake bald head gear is to the people who have neither the luxury of hair, nor the patience for the actually very kind people who think this sort of awareness-raising is helping


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