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Be Bold Be Bald Campaign

Posted 9/20/2014

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  Perhaps I am just old and bitter and cynical, but here is another campaign that is jaw-dropping in its insensitivity. Be Bold, Be Bald invites everyone to wear a cute little flesh cap on October 17th, of course letting a few tendrils of lovely hair escape, in order to show solidarity and support with people undergoing cancer treatment? HUH?

  In its own way, this is just as infuriating as the National BRA day discussed a few days ago. Since this is in October, I suspect that the primary target is breast cancer, but it is advertised in a more general fashion. The accompanying pictures (and I give you the link below) of lovely young women wearing a cute little cap look not one whit like young or older women undergoing chemotherapy. The cap surely is not the same as being actually bald, and these women have eyebrows and eyelashes and color in their cheeks and perky expressions.

  Having been bald twice, I do not feel at all supported or in solidarity with people who wear a cap for a day. Instead, I think this is another crass marketing attempt to make money off cancer and to invite people, most of whom surely have good intentions, to masquerade as cancer patients. Just think, donate a little money, war a cap, and feel very good about yourself.

  I am trying to imagine who sits around in a plush conference room and comes up with these things. Marketing people? PR people? Women who are probably flipping their long hair back from their eyes and feeling ery self-satisfied? Do you think there was an actual bald patient in the room? Or do you think that an actual bald patients was hired (and paid!) as a consultant? I doubt it.

  Please share your thoughts and any ideas re how to push back. And if you are a Bosston Globe reader, there is a full page ad on page 2.

.Be Bold, Be Bald! is a national fundraising event held on the third Friday of October each year, and takes place wherever you are. Participants go bald by boldly wearing a bald cap (or very boldly shaving their head) to honor those who bravely fight cancer and raise money to help fight back. Participants get sponsored for their bold move, and choose the charity they want their proceeds to benefit. self. And very relieved that you actually have hair under that cap and no worries about recurrence and death and side effects and general misery.


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