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Science Decade Reviews

Posted 10/29/2014

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  It may or may not be obvious to my readers, but I am still working towards finding the right rhythm or balance for this expanded blog. When I was expected to write only about breast cancer, it came more naturally. For better or worse, I live and breathe breast cancer, and my instincts are pretty good about what is important and what will likely be of interest.

  Since the blog has been expanded to cancer in general, I remain at something of a loss. Should I be posting specific research articles about a new treatment for a particular cancer (lung or colon or melanoma)? Or should I be sticking with more general topics that hopefully are of interest to more people. Readers with a particular interest in breast cancer are here reminded that you can email tm ( and ask to join my Listserv. Being on that list will bring you more research and journal articles than you probably want, but I assume that everyone knows how to use the "delete" button. I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts about the direction of this blog.

  In the meantime, I am continuing with articles hoped to be of general interest. Many of you are likely familiar with the fine journal, Nature. They have just released a special issue that highlights a decade of progress in a number of areas of cancer research: immunotherapy, targeted therapies, clinical trials, etc. Granted, you have to be pretty motivated or scientifcally inclined or geeky to want to read these, but they are excellent. Here is the description of the collection and then a link to read them:

November 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, originally published under the title of Nature Clinical Practice Oncology. To celebrate this milestone, we have commissioned a collection of Decade in Review articles from key opinion leaders to summarize the major advances in six sub-specialties of oncology over the past 10 years. We also present a comprehensive Perspectives article that summarizes the key advances and challenges in translational oncology. In addition, we have commissioned a Viewpoint article in which we asked four of our Advisory Board members from around the globe to discuss topics such as clinical development and testing of multiple agents in combination, regulatory challenges relating to drug development and trial design, and funding for basic research. Together, these articles provide an authoritative snapshot of the oncology field in 2014, and how this might progress over the forthcoming decade. These articles, together with a special infographic,provides a snapshot of 10 years of the journal in numbers


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