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Some Important Things

Posted 6/6/2014

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  It is likely that you already know most of the things on this list. What I appreciate about this column from HealthDay is that an oncologist is writing about those "small" issues that are so important to us all. These are the things that we talk about in my office.

  It is surely true that most oncologists don't talk too much, if at all, with their patients about the mechanics of how you will lose your hair or the likely difference between your new hair and your pre-cancer hair or about sexual challenges. The time is limited, and there are always so many big medical things on the top of the list: which chemotherapy regimen makes sense, what are the side effects, how are your blood counts, what is that lump, etc. But we know that these things are critical, too.

  Here is the start and a link:

7 Things Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Breast Cancer



By Jennifer Litton, MD

n my opinion, there really is nothing that a breast cancer doctor should hide from their patients. Some topics are obviously difficult to discuss. I thought I’d write down some of the conversations that I have with my patients about what I think of as “normalizing the notso- normal.” A lot of my patients tell me that they feel like they are alone with these thoughts, and I encourage them to join support groups or consider counseling as part of a normal and healthy rehabilitation from cancer treatment. In separate posts, we will discuss in more depth the issues of “chemo-brain” and post-cancer sexuality. For now, here are seven “secrets” you should know about
breast cancer:
1. It’s okay to sweat at the breast clinic. Everyone is sweating under the arms when being examined in the breast clinic — and really, that’s okay. We expect this to happen and it doesn’t gross us out. If you were not nervous in a “cancer” clinic, I’d have a different set of worries for you.





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