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Possible Major Hormone News

Posted 7/28/2014

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  This is a first study from Texas Tech University that suggests that carefully chosen hormones can improve both survival and quality of life in women (including ER positive women) post breast cancer. If this study holds up when it is replicated, it may eventually be a treatment game changer. Like everything else, this must be considered with a big grain of salt and the recognition that it is a single study with mice--that is, any results or changes are very far from prime time.

  Here are a couple of excerpts from Eureka Alert and a link to read more:

Hormones after breast cancer: Not fuel for the fire after all?
Natural hormones reduce breast cancer tumors and have positive effects on cardiac and bone

In their study, researchers at the Center of Excellence in Cancer Research at the Paul L. Foster School of
Medicine, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, set out to explore a radical and counterintuitive
hypothesis: Could an optimal choice of hormones lead to improved survival factors and quality of life, enough
to outweigh any negative effect on tumor recurrence? Radical—because current standard of practice considers
hormone treatment of any type absolutely contraindicated following hormone-receptor-positive breast cancer.
Counterintuitive— because estrogen-blocking aromatase inhibitors, a nearly opposite treatment, are the
current adjuvant treatment for women after hormone-sensitive breast cancer.
Results from this study in a mouse model suggest the answer to their question is "yes,"—well-chosen
hormones could improve both survival and quality of life.
"We are at a very preliminary stage. Our study's results are promising, but we need to know much more. This
study provides a good direction," said Rajkumar Lakshmanaswamy, PhD, lead investigator for the study and
research director of the Center of Excellence in Cancer Research.


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