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New Advanced Cancer Website

Posted 7/14/2014

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  I am delighted to share this link: Mosaic is an on-line community for people with advanced cancer. In my long experience, it is exactly this group that most needs connections and support and often finds it the hardest to come by. In the world. there is so much emphasis on early detection and finding breast cancer early so it can be cured (and that is surely misleading and not always true or possible), and seemingly so much resistance to admitting the reality that some women do not survive. There are lots of resources for women with early breast cancer and many fewer for women with advanced disease.

  Here is some information from their website and a link to get connected:

Mosaic1by Stephanie Stern, LCSW-C


For those of you who are unsure about an online community, you are in good company. I am not on Facebook or a social media person. But, I do believe in the power of communication; of talking; of not feeling so alone. I believe in community and I know that connecting with others can be amazing.

You are not alone. There are other people who get it, who get you and where you are. Even though our stories or situations may be unique, they are special and important, and we can learn so much from each other.

I also know that it’s not always easy to meet face-to-face…it is great when we can, but there are many reasons why we may not be able to do this. With this online community:

You get a place to be you.
You get a place to express yourself when you want to. You don’t need to wait for a particular time to share.
You can connect from the convenience of your home, office, hospital room… or wherever you are.
You can share, laugh, cry, scream… feel what you need to feel.
You can connect with others without having to travel which is especially helpful when you’re not feeling well or you’re too busy to get somewhere.
A level of comfort, knowing that this group is professionally moderated by yours truly.


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