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Cell Phones and Bras and Myths

Posted 7/2/2014

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I love everything about being in Maine except for the internet connection. The best that we can do here is satellite, and it never works quickly or well. To do this log, I have to go through at least a dozen extra steps (all set up to provide the necessary security to the hospital website), and it makes this daily task a nightmare.

Therefore, an apology: I am probably going to be writing less than usual, shorter than usual, and if there is a day with nothing, please be aware it is not me--it is the internet.

  Today's offering is a column from  the American Cancer Society, and I hope you enjoy it. Here is the start and then a link::

Cell Phones, Bras, and Breast Cancer Risk
By Ted Gansler, MD, MPH

Like other contributors to the Expert Voices blogs, I am occasionally asked to reply to questions from journalists about various cancer-related topics. The most recent question I received is whether it is true that women who carry a cell phone in their bras are at increased risk for developing breast cancer.

This kind of question is surprisingly difficult to answer. It's relatively easy to write about things that are known to cause cancer. It's more difficult to be confident that something does not cause cancer, but one can still provide some guidance if there have been at least a few carefully-conducted epidemiologic studies with negative results. The most challenging requests we receive are often about questions that researchers have not addressed by scientific studies of humans populations. This is one such question.


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