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Wow What a Selfie

Posted 8/27/2014

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  For better or worse, I am really ill informed about popular culture. This is partly my age, partly being so immersed in my work and my life, partly indifference. It was only within the last few months that I learned the meaning of the word "selfie" and generally feel fairly critical about all the seemingly narcissistic moments that this photographic option enables.

  This one, however, is terrific! In my office, I have a very old poster of a bare-chested muscular woman, standing with her arms out to best show a gorgeous tattoo of a vine on her flat right side. I love this picture and most women who sit in my office respond positively to it, too. In all honesty, I once had a letter from a woman, a year or so after our single meeting, in which she said that the picture was terrifying and offensive and continued to haunt her. I felt badly about that, but didn't take it down.

  Please read this article, admire Barbie Ritzco, and share this story:

This Brave Woman's Powerful Selfie Proves That Flat Really Is Fabulous

A picture is worth a thousand words, but this photo of breast cancer survivor Barbie Ritzco is priceless. While all stories of cancer survival are inspiring, Ritzco's is particularly extraordinary, which is why it's not surprising the empowering selfie has recently gone viral.

This is not the portrait of someone who has been beaten. This is the portrait of a woman proudly baring a chest scarred by a double mastectomy and now adorned with an artistic tattoo. This is the portrait of an immensely courageous woman proving once and for all that flat really can be fabulous.

See gorgeous picture and read the story:


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