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Men and Mammograms

Posted 8/1/2014

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  Today's entry is an essay by a journalist, titled My Right Breast: One Man’s Tale Of Lump And Mammogram. The author, B. D Cohen, is a renowned journalist, and it is beautifully written. It also, for any woman who has ever has a mammogram and especially for those of us who have had breast cancer, it is also a piece that feels very familiar.

  One of the things that I like about it is that his conclusion, like many of ours, is that if men regularly had mammograms, a less painful test would have been developed. Enjoy.



It began with an itch I just had to scratch. Doesn’t every adventure begin that way?

I was lying in bed reading on a Saturday evening, and without even looking I idly scratched a spot on the right side of my chest –- at that point I had a

chest, not breasts. As I did, my fingers rode over a small


something, a little like a speed bump about an inch below and two inches to the left of my


right nipple.

I stopped reading and started poking. And prodding. And pushing. And feeling. And manipulating. And panicking.

“That’s a lump!” I thought, and suddenly I had a right breast. With a lump in it.




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