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Aspirin Reduces Cancer Deaths

Posted 8/18/2014

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  First, an apology. If you are a regular reader, you hopefully know that if there is a silence from my end, it likely indicates computer glitches. If I know I am going to be away, I say so in advance. Over the week-end there was a silence, and it was indeed due to computers (note the plural). Last Thursday my work computer was swapped out for a new model. The operating system is different, and I am having some difficulties and frustrations figuring everything out. However, the relevant issue is that my home computer won't connect to it to enable me to get to this blog site.

  I thought I had it figured out Thursday night, and then we went to Maine early Friday, taking my home laptop with me. It would not work, and I am going to have to spend time with IS today in hopes of correction.

  Today's important entry is a report on an Irish study that again suggests that a daily aspirin can reduce breast cancer deaths. Ths catch with this one is that they looked at women who had been taking aspirin prior to diagnosis and found they had a reduced risk of having involved axillary lymph nodes. Ergo, fewer involved notes often means a better prognosis. I will remind you that there have been other studies that suggest that adding a daily aspirin now is helpful, and this is more reason to consider doing so. Does it not makes sense that if the aspirin's effect would help with very early breast cancer, it would likely help with recurrence risk reduction, too?

  The parallel important message is ask your doctor about this one. There are other medical conditions that might make a daily aspirin a bad idea for an individual woman.

  Here is the start of the article from The Irish Times and then a link to read more:

Aspirin can prevent cancer deaths, Irish study finds
Paul Cullen 

A simple aspirin pill can help reduce death rates from cancer by preventing the spread of the disease, new Irish research suggests.
Women who have been prescribed aspirin regularly before being diagnosed with breast cancer are less likely to have cancer that spreads to the lymph nodes than women who were not on prescription aspirin, according to the research funded by the Irish Cancer Society and the Health Research Board.
These women are also less likely to die from their breast cancer, the study of almost 3,000 Irish patients found.
The research, published by the American Association for Cancer Research in the journal, Cancer Research, analyses records from the National Cancer Registry Ireland (NCRI), and prescription data from the General Medical Service (GMS) pharmacy claims database.
“Our findings suggest that aspirin could play a role in reducing mortality from breast cancer by preventing the cancer spreading to nearby lymph nodes,” said Dr Ian Barron, the lead author who carried out the research at Trinity College Dublin, and is now working at Johns Hopkins, USA.


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