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No Makeup Selfies and Cancer Donations

Posted 4/4/2014

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  In spite of the many real problems, the world is a pretty wonderful place. I especially enjoy hearing about something entirely new which is useful and creative and gratifying for everyone involved. This is an example of exactly that: taking selfies, wearing no make up, posting them on Twitter and Facebook and following links to donate to a number of cancer charities in the UK and the US. Ther writer Laura Lippman was one of the first celebrities to participate, but she has been followed by Gwenyth Paltrow, Beyonce, and others--as well as thousands of "ordinary" women.

  The cancer organizations in several English speaking countries have been thrilled to receive so many new donations, and I like the idea of women being comfortable enough with themselves and in their own bodies to post these pictures. None of us over 20 or 25 look as well without make-up as with, and older women need it even more (I guess "need" isn't the right word, "like" or "prefer" or something would be better).

  Here is the article from Medscape; as usual, I give you the start and a link to read more--and a chance to participate with a picture and a donation.

Millions Donated to Cancer as #nomakeupselfies Goes ViralMajor

 Cancer organizations in English-speaking countries have collectively received millions of dollars and pounds in  donations over the past 2 weeks as young women triggered an avalanche of donations through social media.
Women took smartphone pictures of themselves with no makeup, posted the "selfies" on Twitter and Facebook, and provided links to cancer research donation Web sites. The tweets were also done in the name of promoting cancer awareness.
Celebrities such as actress Gwyneth Paltrow and pop singer Beyoncé have participated with shots of themselves looking less glamorous than usual.
Use of the hashtag #nomakeupselfie, which apparently involved no centralized organizing effort by charities, took on a life of its own.
Hashtags provide a digital hub for Twitter users to follow whoever is involved in sending out photos or messages, known as tweets, under a particular rubric.
As of March 26, the campaign had raised £8 million ($13 million) for Cancer Research UK in London, according to that organization. The greatest charitable activity has been in the United Kingdom, but other national cancer organizations are also involved. The American Cancer Society, the Canadian Cancer Society, Cancer Council Australia, and the Irish Cancer Society have all reportedly received donations through the #nomakeupselfie phenomena.


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