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  • Trying to Live Healthy after Cancer

    Posted 2/12/2016 by hhill

      Most of us think about our lives and habits after a cancer diagnosis. As you know (I hope!), there is ZERO evidence that stress plays any role in the development of cancer or the risk of a recurrence, and there is limited evidence that other lifestyle habits have much of an impact. There are a few things, however, to consider.

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  • Male Breast Cancer

    Posted 2/11/2016 by hhill

      Lots of people, maybe most people who don't live in Cancer World, are unaware that men can get breast cancer. Although the disease is 100 times less common in men than in women, it happens and brings all the same medical treatments and worries as well as additional layers of complexity.

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  • Cancer and Heart Disease

    Posted 2/10/2016 by hhill

      Be forewarned: this is another fairly depressing entry. Aren't we lucky to possibly be included in both groups of "major causes of death for Americans": cancer and heart disease? (note the heavy sarcasm there) A new study reinforces the growing concern that some cancer survivors face an increased risk of heart disease due to their cancer treatments.

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  • The Promise of Immunotherapy

    Posted 2/9/2016 by hhill

      Immunotherapy, also called biologic therapy, is a way of boosting the body's natural immune system and defenses to fight cancer. ASCO just named it the 2016 Clinical Cancer Advance of the Year, and there is increasing hype and hope about its value.

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  • Link Between Breast and Thyroid Cancers

    Posted 2/8/2016 by hhill

      We know that breast cancer is the most common cancer among women, and we know that many women get thyroid cancer. However, a new study from the University of Chicago suggests that women who have had one of these cancers are at greater risk (than everyone else) of developing the second kind.

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