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  • Chemobrain Means a Wandering Brain

    Posted 5/5/2015 by hhill

      This is a really interesting perspective on chemobrain. I have written many times before, and many of us have personal experience, with the changes in cognition related to chemotherapy. It is always impossible to truly tease out what is directly due to drugs and what is associated with diminished estrogen or stress or depression and anxiety. 

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  • A Primer re Herbs and Supplements

    Posted 5/4/2015 by hhill

      I know that I write fairly often about herbs and supplements and other kinds of complementary therapies (CAM). In self defense, this is a topic that comes up almost daily in my office, so I assume that it is a topic of high interest to many people. When I come across something new or especially helpful, I try to share it with you.

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  • Reasons for Optimism

    Posted 5/1/2015 by hhill

    Finishing the week, especially on this Friday which is the first of May after a very difficult winter, with optimism seems a good plan. In addition to the treatment and research related pieces of good news, I can add a number of others from my thirty plus years in the business.

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  • Benefits of Exercise during Treatment

    Posted 4/30/2015 by hhill

      Warning: you may not like these articles. It is pretty tough to force yourself to stick with an exercise routine anytime, and it is much harder during chemotherapy. During my first breast cancer treatment in 1993, I was a daily runner. I clearly remember running more and more slowly and then stopping when my radiated breast became too uncomfortable. As it healed, I hit the road again, but still at a slower than usual pace. In 2005, while going through chemotherapy for the second breast cancer, I went to the gym every morning before work. It would be over-stating the truth to say that I engaged in a real work out every morning, but I got myself there and enjoyed what was then (sadly no longer true) a very friendly, social, and supportive scene. Each time, I continued with the exercise because it helped me hold on to "normal" and because it made me feel a little bit better.

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  • Living with Advanced Cancer

    Posted 4/29/2015 by hhill

      The longer that I do this work, the more aware I become of the exquisite challenges of living (well) with advanced cancer. There can be no certainty and not enough reassurance. There can also be moments of great peacefulness and happiness.

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