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  • Endocrine Therapy and Sexuality

    Posted 6/2/2015 by hhill

      It is both confirming and disheartening that there has recently been a spate of articles about the negative impact of endocrine therapies on sexual function. As many of you know, endocrine therapies (sometimes called hormonal therapies or anti-estrogen therapies) are routinely used in the treatment of ER positive breast cancers and some GYN cancers. Some hormonal therapies are also part of prostate cancer treatment.

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  • Hair Loss

    Posted 6/1/2015 by hhill

      This is a recurring topic of interest: managing hair loss from cancer treatment. There are several ways that treatment causes this problem: chemotherapy, radiation to the head (e.g. to the brain), surgery on the head (e.g. brain), and hormonal treatments. Chemotherapy related hair loss is what we usually think about and is surely the most common and very distressing. Radiation causes hair loss only to the radiation field, so generally this is not a big problem. If, however, you receive brain radiation, it is very likely that hair will not regrow in the targeted field. This can result in very patchy hair growth  and many women end up wearing wigs or hats or scarves forever more. I included surgery, which would only mean shaving an area of the head before the operation, and hormonal treatments which don't cause total baldness but can result in thinning hair.

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  • Today in Court

    Posted 5/29/2015 by hhill

      Cancer can have such long and painful tentacles. I am going to share an experience I have had over the course of the past ten days, starting with a call from an attorney.

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  • Chinese Herbs may Help Cancer Fatigue

    Posted 5/28/2015 by hhill

      I write fairly often about the uncertainties around CAM (complementary or alternative medicine), and I am honestly sharing this report with a little discomfort. I am unfamiliar with the journal, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, in which is it published. However, I am a big believer in information=power, so I give you this with the reminder to talk with your doctor before taking any herbal products--or anything else that you swallow--while you are receiving active cancer treatment.

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  • Preparing for Chemotherapy

    Posted 5/27/2015 by hhill

      This is a column that I wrote some months ago for Cancer Today. I have been thinking about it, and was pleased to find it in my files, as I spent time yesterday talking with two women who are about to begin chemotherapy for the first time. As anyone who has been through this knows, the anticipating is worse than the actual event, and those last days before starting are really tough.

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