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  • An Important Interview

    Posted 12/1/2015 by hhill

      Some of you may know of Dr. Vincent DeVita. He is a very big name in cancer, was the director of the NCI and the physician in chief at Memorial Sloan Kettering. He is now a Professor of Medicine at Yale Medical School and has just released a book called The Death of Cancer. Dr. DeVita is one of the oncologists who developed combination chemotherapy regimens, and his particular expertise has helped cure many people who were diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, a kind of lymphoma.

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  • Helpful Apps

    Posted 11/30/2015 by hhill

      It is rather ironic that I am posting this article and several links about helpful apps for cancer patients/survivors. I am very techno-phobic, but have come to appreciate the value of my electronic toys. It surely is easier to have the phone at hand instead of driving around, looking for a pay phone. And I really like being able to download books on the Kindle and only carry the iPad, rather than six books, when I go on vacation. It has not been in my wheelhouse, as they say, to extend my appreciation of apps to cancer care. That needs to be changed.

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  • Trying to Figure Out Why

    Posted 11/27/2015 by hhill

      Here is the short answer: Unless you carry a known gene mutation that is associated with cancer risk (e.g. BRCA1 or BRCA2) or have been a smoker or worked with asbestos or have been a combination heavy smoker and heavy drinker (and in none of these cases is cancer a certainty), there is really no answer to the question: "Why did I get cancer?"

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  • Thanksgiving

    Posted 11/26/2015 by hhill

      Like many others, this is my favorite holiday. It involves no gift buying, no decorating, just attention to food and people we love. It is a chance to pour over recipes and almost always end up making no changes to the menu. It is a chance to take out my mother's crystal and my grandmother's linens and set a table that looks as it did when I was a child. It is a chance to later sit at that table, look around at the people I love, and feel incredibly grateful for so much--especially for being alive and, as far as I know, healthy 22 years after my first diagnosis of breast cancer.

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  • Waiting for Test Results

    Posted 11/25/2015 by hhill

      This is one of those things that does not get easier with practice. Awaiting results from your 7th CT Scan is no easier than it was the first time. Anxiety is high; superstition often plays a part--"I have had several good scans, so I am due for a bad one." or "I have jinxed myself by not worrying enough".

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