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  • Best and Worst Things Conversation

    Posted 9/27/2016 by hhill

      Some of you are aware that we launched an online support community several months ago. Not surprisingly, but discouragingly, it has been hard going to attract enough participation to keep it interesting.

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  • Fatigue

    Posted 9/26/2016 by hhill

      There is fatigue due to too short nights or too much exercise or too much partying or generally trying to pack too much into a day. And then there is cancer fatigue. Almost everyone who goes through cancer treatment experiences this special fatigue at some point. It is quite different than the more common varieties.

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  • Benefit of Retreats

    Posted 9/23/2016 by hhill

      The timing of this article (thank you, Barbara!) is absolutely perfect. If you are a regular reader, you know that I am just back from a truly wonderful three day retreat in New Hampshire. We talked endlessly, ate delicious food almost as endlessly, relaxed, meditated, yogaed (don't think that is a word), and healed.

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  • Day Three

    Posted 9/22/2016 by hhill

      Awakened this morning to the silence and the mountains and the clear blue sky. Wonderwell is indeed a refuge and a blessing.

      All of yesterday was wonderful. DJ, Pat, and Bunny from Bodi and Mind Yoga drove up from Boston to spend the morning with us. They may have been tempted by the promise of the legendary tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich lunch, but they came mostly because they are generous and loving and want to be supportive and helpful.

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  • Wonderwell

    Posted 9/21/2016 by hhill

      As Cat Stevens reminded us, Morning has broken, like the first morning...  

      And so it is at Wonder Well as I sit to gaze at the mountains. The sky is cloudless; the early chill has gone, and there are faint hints of scarlet and gold among the trees. The apple tree near the back porch is heavily laden, and the large vegetable garden is daily producing more bounty than can be easily eaten. The true blessing, however, lies with the people here, both those who work at this haven and those of us who are now here together.

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