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  • A Film to Consider

    Posted 2/5/2016 by hhill

      Many times, I have directed you to Susan Gubar's wonderful blog in The New York Times. An English professor who has advanced ovarian cancer, she writes eloquently about living with cancer. Her most recent essay is really a movie review about a film called A Woman like Me.

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  • Delivering and Hearing Bad News

    Posted 2/4/2016 by hhill

      We all have a story about the moment we learned of our cancer diagnosis or, even worse, when we learned that the cancer had returned and/or progressed. For me, back in 1993, it was being invited into a small conference room after the breast biopsy to speak with the surgeon. Before I saw her, I saw my husband's back; I vividly remember that he was wearing a black and white striped shirt, and that shirt, that back, told me everything. If all had been well, he would not have been there.

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  • Financial Ties of Patient Advocates

    Posted 2/3/2016 by hhill

      This article from Eureka Alert is upsetting. You may be aware that most/all pharma companies have patient advocates who testify on behalf of their drugs at various meetings and possibly talk about their value to other patients and patient groups. There is no question that this can be an enjoyable and worthwhile activity for a cancer patient/advocate, but it looks as though some of the context has been withheld. 

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  • From a Single Cell

    Posted 2/2/2016 by hhill

      Every now and then I feel the urge to share a geeky article. Science, probably sadly, has never been my strong suit. I fear that I am completely a product of my era, and that meant that girls were not expected to be interested in math or science. Periodically I think it would be fun (?) to take an online algebra class and see if it makes any more sense than it did when I was 14. I have always hesitated, because it would be pretty depressing if I still struggled. Some years ago, a journalist friend took the SATs as part of a story he was writing about pressures on high school kids around college entrance. To his shock, he did almost exactly the same as he had 40 years earlier. As I write this, I wonder if that actually is good news and could mean that the test truly does measure aptitude.

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  • Sex After Cancer

    Posted 2/1/2016 by hhill

      Whenever sex is the topic, the daily readership goes up, so I try to find new information or articles that may be of interest. Today's attempt is to tell you about a recent article from Med Page that does not really provide any new answers, but does identify the issues and admit that this is a challenging situation for many people.

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