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  • Beware of GOP Bill and Cancer Coverage

    Posted 3/24/2017 by hhill

      Sometimes politics just cannot be ignored. I realize that today's entry will have a pretty short shelf life of interest, but it seems vital this morning. As everyone knows, the planned House vote for repeal and replace the ACA has been delayed until today. The more details that are coming out, the more alarming the proposed bill seems to be.

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  • Cancer and Sexuality and Men

    Posted 3/23/2017 by hhill

      In keeping this series going a little longer, today's offering is the parallel Cancer Net article re men's issues. We all know that there are many biological and psychological differences between the sexes, and this speaks clearly and helpfully to problems faced by some men who have undergone cancer treatment.

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  • More on Sexuality

    Posted 3/22/2017 by hhill

      Actually today's entry is more specific, but a general title seemed more likely to attract interest. Many women after menopause struggle with the unfortunately-named vaginal atrophy. This describes the thinning of the vaginal wall that can result in less lubrication and more discomfort/pain with intercourse. Women who don't have a cancer history have more options in dealing with this than we do. The cancer catch, once again, is estrogen. Estrogen can play a role in breast cancer and some GYN cancers, and many women post cancer treatment are on estrogen-suppressing drugs (think tamoxifen or the AIs).

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  • Pathology

    Posted 3/21/2017 by hhill

      There is nothing that is more important in cancer care than an accurate pathology report. Everything follows from that; all treatment decisions are first based on that information. One of our pathologists told me years ago that each time she prepares a slide for her microscope, she pauses and offers up a prayer: Help me get this right.

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  • Sexuality and Cancer Treatment

    Posted 3/20/2017 by hhill

      This is another frequent topic, but one that deserves more attention than it usually gets in Cancer World. As we have discussed, concerns about sexuality are usually low on the list for meetings with our doctors. There are a number of reasons: the huge amount of information that needs to be addressed, the discomfort with the topic, the reality that there aren't a lot of good solutions. Or actually that there aren't a lot of solutions at all.

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Hester Hill Schnipper, LICSW, OSW-C is the Manager of Oncology Social Work at BIDMC. For more than thirty years, her daily work at BIDMC has been primarily focused on supporting women with breast cancer. A nationally known writer and speaker, she was the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's first Hatcher Survivorship Professor. In 1993, and again in 2005, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through the standard treatments of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy. These experiences have given her great credibility with her patients and transformed her life's work to her life. Ms. Schnipper lives gratefully with her husband in an ancient farmhouse outside of Boston and spends as much time as possible in a water front cottage on Mt Desert Island. Between them, they have five adult children and seven grandchildren; she claims biological responsibility for two and three of them.