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  • Horrifying Surgeon Story

    Posted 4/16/2015 by hhill

      Since I am going to be traveling most of the day tomorrow, I am writing twice today. We will be heading north to open our tiny Maine cottage for the season. There is still at least some snow on the ground on Mt Desert Island, but we will be so happy to be there that it will barely matter. When we pull up to the house, I walk around the car to open to back so our dog can jump out. She usually is sleepy and stiff after a long drive, but invariably jumps down, stands absolutely still for a few seconds, and then does a dog version of a joyful dance. It is clear that she is happy to be there, too.

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  • Fish Oil May Interfere with Chemotherapy

    Posted 4/16/2015 by hhill

      Back to the real world today. Our blissful retreat concluded with lunch yesterday, and I came crashing back to reality as there were problems with our tax return that had to be fixed before the Post Office closed. It turns out to be difficult, but not impossible, to hold on to the peacefulness in the midst of daily life problems. It was easier than usual to remind myself that these were issues that would not matter tomorrow, and then to move on. This morning I am still filled with gratitude.

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  • Wonderwell Next Day

    Posted 4/15/2015 by hhill
      The stars. Oh, the stars. My bed here is tucked into a eave under a large skylight. When I awakened in the middle of the night, I was immediately stunned by the stars visible through the glass. We are deep in the country, so there were no competing lights. It was a glorious sunset and a clear evening, so there were no clouds to block them. Instead, the sky looked like a child's painting: huge bright stars in an inky black sky. Chock a block next to one another and illuminating the world below. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Greetings from Wonderwell

    Posted 4/14/2015 by hhill

      The sun has risen over the White Mountains, and another day has begun at Wonderwell Mountain Refuge: where we are for our third retreat for women with advanced cancer. Both previous retreats took place during winter months, and it is a delight to be able to walk outwise and open my window at night before snuggling under the duvet. My bed is under a large skylight, so the stars shone over me as I slept.


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  • Sexuality and Mindfulness

    Posted 4/13/2015 by hhill

      Sexuality and mindfulness do not seem, at first consideration, to be a natural pairing. A little more thought,  however, makes the relationship clear. Since mindfulness is all about focusing on the present moment, often concentrating on breathing or sensations or sounds, it makes sense that such focus could help intimacy. Surely the opposite is true: if you are thinking about what to cook for dinner or whether you remembered to pay the electric bill, the sex is not going to be very good.

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