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  • Not Really Congratulations

    Posted 10/8/2015 by hhill

      This is the second entry of the day because I will be traveling much of tomorrow, and because this is fresh in my mind. This morning I had an appointment at the Travel Clinic in preparation for an upcoming trip. The lovely NP looked over my history and asked whether I was still doing well post breast cancer. I said: "Thankfully,yes." She said: "Congratulations."

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  • Healing in Many Forms

    Posted 10/8/2015 by hhill

      Healing and meditation and mindfulness come in many guises. The goals are the same: being fully present, peaceful, relaxed, occasionally a glimpse or a glimmer of another way of being. I am thinking about this because of an article from Cure Today, which I will share later, about knitting. Full disclosure time: knitting and sewing and really anything involving careful needle or hand work is the very opposite of soothing for me. Rather than becoming relaxed, my hands begin to sweat, my head to throb, and all I can do is note my poor technique and errors. When I was a child, my mother offered to pay me $10 (a fortune) when I learned to use a thimble. I never collected it.

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  • Self Image

    Posted 10/7/2015 by hhill

      The topic of self-image and cancer has been overthought and over-written and over-worked--but it persists. Part of the truth, I think, is that most of us would be glad to be apart from our physical selves through cancer treatment. Who wants to live intimately with pain and fatigue and nausea and hair loss? Who wants to look in the mirror and think: "WHO is that?" I always smile when I remember the woman who reported shrieking whenever she caught a glimpse of her bald head and eyebrow-less face: "I scare myself."

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  • Language as Advertising

    Posted 10/6/2015 by hhill

      It always pleases me when my entries seem to have a connection from one day to the next. Yesterday, I wrote about metaphors, and today's topic is the magic of language in advertising. I guess we all know that, and surely whole industries exist around marketing and PR and branding. It may not matter much if the subject is detergent or a jacket, but it does matter with drugs.

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  • How We Talk About Cancer

    Posted 10/5/2015 by hhill

      How we talk about cancer is quite different from the ways we talk about most other things. Appreciating that this is simplistic, I have a rotten cold today and am feeling pretty terrible. It always surprises me how badly a cold can make you/me feel, but we don't have a particular vocabulary for this very common illness. DId you ever hear anyone comment on the war with sneezes or my journey with a cold? Nope, neither did I.

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