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  • Your Birth Certificate and Cancer

    Posted 10/24/2016 by hhill

      Today I am writing about a fascinating (to me anyway) article from MedScape that suggests that our cancer risk can be predicted or, at least, considered based on a few facts on our birth certificates. It turns out to matter where we were born and to whom. More specifically, the birth place matters because we have learned that there are areas with higher cancer incidences than other. More interesting is the apparent fact that our parents' occupations may suggest a higher or lower cancer risk.

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  • How do You Know the Truth

    Posted 10/21/2016 by hhill

      Separating fact from fiction or truth from fantasy is often very difficult. We are bombarded daily with information that may or may not be accurate. This can be especially true in Cancer World where authentic reports of studies may be discussed along side of claims that sharks don't get cancer so shark cartilage is a cancer cure.

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  • Depending on the Internet

    Posted 10/20/2016 by hhill

      Looking back, it is hard to remember how we all managed without the internet--but clearly we did. We also managed without cell phones and ATMs and microwaves. On a smaller level, we managed to tie, not Velcro, our sneakers and to tell time from a non-digital watch. Some months ago, I passed on a lovely old watch to my daughter. The face is so small that I can barely read it, and I knew she had always loved it. She called me a few days later to tell me that it wasn't working. "Did you wind it?" I asked. "Wind it???" she answered. Oy.

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  • Managing Cancer and Political Stress

    Posted 10/19/2016 by hhill

      Whatever your politics, we must all agree that this has been an exhausting and stressful election season. As we near tonight's final debate, I have listened to a lot of conversation about weariness with the whole process and anticipation of November 9th.

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  • Rising Copays

    Posted 10/18/2016 by hhill

      Any of us who pay co-pays for medications or medical visits is aware that our costs are rising. We are nearing the annual insurance enrollment for most Americans (usually is November), and it is a safe bet that our costs will be even higher in 2017. As an example, I receive monthly injections for ongoing breast cancer treatment; ths co-pay has risen over the past few months (and, no I don't understand why) from $9.55 to $207. This is nuts!

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