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  • Christmas Eve

    Posted 12/24/2014 by hhill
      It is a little different and much the same each year. When I was a child, my family put the tree up on Christmas Eve, and I have always wondered how my parents pulled that one off. In my adult life, this day has been far too busy to include the tree--especially one that included putting on the foil icicles one by one Part of the difference may be that my mother hated to cook, so the dinner wasn't much (can it really be possible that she used to serve canned spaghetti Christmas Eve?) while I spend most of the day in the kitchen. Happily. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Being Close is More than Sex

    Posted 12/23/2014 by hhill
      It has been striking that, in these days leading up to Christmas, I have been having more than the usual number of conversations about sex and intimacy with my patients. It may be coincidental, but I suspect it is related to the relationship pressures that abound this time of year. You can't open a magazine or turn on the television with seeing lots of pictures of happy couples. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Cost does Not Always Equal Value

    Posted 12/22/2014 by hhill
      If you have been paying any attention over the last months, you are aware of the growing conversation in our country about health care costs. Much of it is focused on large policy issues, but some is directly relevant for us. The Choosing Wisely campaign, organized by the Board of Internal Medicine, or the Institute of Medicine's September report about high quality cancer care in a time of crisis have helped focus top level attention on cancer costs. This matters to us individually, to our families, to our country as a whole. Of course, we all want the best possible care for cancer or any illness, but most of us also want care that makes sense and keeps the attention on our own goals and priorities. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Three D Printing and Cancer

    Posted 12/19/2014 by hhill
      First, I do know that it is called "3D" not "Three D", but this blog system will not accept numbers in the title. Having said that, I think this is just wild. Very honestly, I find the whole concept of 3D printing difficult to understand; I wish that I could see a sample, as I suspect that would make it all much clearer--and even more impressive. Thanks to Barbara, I have just read two articles about the possible value of 3D printing in cancer care and in medicine in general. Read more... Comments (0)
  • Stopping Work after Cancer

    Posted 12/18/2014 by hhill
      I have written several times before about returning to work after cancer. Many people take a temporary medical leave during treatment and then return to the job when they feel able to do so. This is a challenge in many ways, both physical and psychological, but a decision not to return to work brings equally difficult issues. Read more... Comments (0)
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