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Class Descriptions

Awesome Abs

All Levels

An intense 15-minute class that focuses on strengthening the abdominal muscles to improve core strength and stability.


All Levels

A high intensity class that incorporates basic martial art kicks and punches with calisthenics, rope skipping, and stretching.  Emphasis is placed on learning proper technique while improving conditioning and flexibility.

Cardio Express

All Levels

An intense nonstop 30-minute workout that incorporates a combination of step, and hi/low aerobics.

Bosu Bands & Balls

All Levels

This class will use Bosu, stability balls and exercise bands in order to provide a total body workout.  This is an energizing class that promises you results.

Cardio Blast

All Levels

A high-energy class that will shake-up your body with variety.  This class may incorporate BOSU, jump ropes, high/low aerobics or cardio kickboxing combinations making every class a different experience.

Vinyasa Yoga

All Levels

A flowing style of yoga that incorporates carefully balanced sequences. The form, movement, and breath are integrated. Classes are both vigorous and reflective.


All Levels

Zumba is a fusion of Latin and international music and dance themes creating a dynamic, exciting, and energizing workout...a fun, hip swinging, body pumping, and booty shaking way to get in shape.


Beginner to Intermediate Level

Pilates is designed to sculpt and strengthen the core muscles.  Benefits include enhancing your muscle tone, strength, flexibility and posture.

Kinesio Fit

All Levels

This class will address motions based around human movement and imitate real life activities.  There is an emphasis on core stability, core strength, flexibility and overall fitness.  Bands, dumbbells, body weight and tubing are used.

Muscle Pump

All Levels

A resistance training class focusing on enhancing muscle endurance by utilizing hand-held weights, body-bars, and exercise bands.

Circuit Training

All Levels

An energizing 45-minute class designed to incorporate strength training and cardio through an interval style workout.

Zumba Step

All Levels

A class for those looking to start the day off with a bang!  Zumba step combines the awesome toning and strengthening power of Step aerobics, with the fun fitness-party of Zumba.  Activate the core and strengthen and tone the legs and glutes.

Kripalu Yoga

All Levels

This class will energize and strengthen the body and promote relaxation and balance by combining physical postures, mediation, and yoga breathing (Pranayama).

Cross Training

Intermediate to Advanced Level

A diversified workout that will use body bars, dumbbells, body weight, light plyometrics and core work to jump start your metabolism.

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