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Environmental Action Award Winners 2007

The Copycats - Winner 2007
In today's medical center, there's an ever-increasing demand for work solutions that are both high-speed and environmentally friendly. While personal printers are preferred in many areas, particularly for management, the desire has far exceeded the need for many individuals to have their own printer within arm's reach. The Copycats set about networking existing copier machines directly to a group of PCs- thereby reducing the number of desktop printers.

In doing so, employees send all print tasks to the nearby copier, and for far less cost per page. Although the main reasons behind this project were to conserve energy, lower costs; there are also many added incentives, not the least of which will be fewer printers and toner cartridges being carted away to the landfill.

Lighting Control and Efficiency Upgrade - First Runner Up 2007
Those of us who work indoors often take our lighting for granted, until a bulb goes out or dims. The trick these days, like Goldilocks said, is to get things "just right." Improved lighting can increase personnel productivity while simultaneously prevent pollution, reduce mercury emissions, increase waste reduction and provide for environmentally preferable product substitutions.

Through a coordinated approach, this team designed the necessary light levels, determined by various codes and guidelines, as to whether new fixtures will be used or existing fixtures modified. This choice between installing new fixtures or modifying existing units is determined by comparing costs and potential for rebates from NSTAR.

Smoke Free at BIDMC - Second Runner Up 2007
This group developed and then expanded our smoke free environment for patients, visitors, staff and businesses by pushing all smoking off all property owned by BIDMC.

They kicked the habit to the curb, so to speak, and we are all healthier for it. Gone forever are the days of non-smokers being accosted by the polluted air of second-hand smoke, at least at our facilities. It was not that long ago that patients, as well as some doctors, nurses and other staff, routinely smoked while on the job. There was also a time when our nurses used to escort patients outside for a smoke break to relieve their stress. Well those days are long over.