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Environmental Action Award Winners 2006

Environmental Services - Winner 2006
Paper and cardboard recycling began at BIDMC in 2002. During the first two years of the program, Environmental Services was responsible for managing the recycling bins and ensuring that they would be emptied on a regular schedule. The department received no additional labor to perform this function. In the first two years, the medical center recycled 283 tons of paper and 355 tons of cardboard. As the HIPPA regulations took effect in 2004, we were given one FTE to provide the service for the entire main campus; so many Environmental Services employees were still involved in the program, in additional to their regular responsibilities. In the last two years of the program the medical center has recycled an additional 400 tons of paper and 337 tons of cardboard. That means that in the last four years, the medical center has reduced its regular waste stream by 1375 tons and has saved well over $150,000.

Maintenance Operations and Infection Control - First Runner Up 2006
Because of increased concerns regarding outside air quality and potential for negative impact on patient care, as well as the desire to provide better air quality to patient care areas, this team looked at the feasibility of improving air quality with minimum financial impact to the medical center.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) sets minimum standards for final filtration in a hospital environment. The minimum requirement for final filtration is 95% Efficient at 3 Microns. This team exceeded this guideline in their effort to improve air quality in patient care areas at BIDMC.

After implementation of this program, the medical center air quality in patient care areas improved as follows: 

In 2003, Met ASHRAE minimum requirements for final filtration: 95% Efficient at 3 Microns.
In 2005: Medical center final air filtration: 98% Efficient at 0.3 Microns. This provides the filtration of much smaller particles from air providing much "cleaner" air to our customers!


IS Asset Management and Inventory Control - Second Runner Up 2006
Information Systems has managed the disposal of computer assets through recycling, resale and donation for the past seven years. They process 2,600+ pieces annually including CPUs, CRT monitors, printers and servers. Their disposal program includes a thorough "prep" of the asset before it is removed from BIDMC. The process includes the removal of all BIDMC identifiers such as asset tags and data from hard drives. Data removal is accomplished through degaussing or formatting to current Department of Defense standards. Degaussed hard drives are processed for destruction by shredding. Computers are then processed for resale. Asset tag, serial number and make/model of the asset are captured in our asset tracking application. Reports are generated for each recycling pickup an audited for accuracy. DEP and EPA regulations are reviewed on a regular basis for new developments, updates and guidelines.

Asset Disposal costs have significantly declined during the past five years through our efforts to identify more cost effective alternatives. In 2001, disposal services cost the Medical Center over $70,000. Today, our asset disposal program is generating revenue through resale and no fee recycling. In FY05 we earned $11,800.