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Increase Recycling

Our goal is to sustain a 45% recycling rate by FY15.

When you visit our hospital look for the single stream recycling bins and a composting program in our cafeterias. 

New for 2014: recycling bins in patient rooms.


BIDMC now recycles:

  • Paper (~ 430 tons/year)
  • Cardboard, plastic, aluminum and glass in single stream buckets (~400 ton/year)
  • Batteries (~6 tons/year)
  • Wood (~ 2 tons/year)
  • Scrap metal (~130 tons/year)

BIDMC now composts in our kitchens and cafeterias

When you visit our cafeterias you will find mostly compostable products. Most are made of either paper or corn-based plastics. Unfortunately composting is still new enough that not all common cafeteria products are available in a compostable version. To help minimize confusion, you will find products labeled.  Click here for a master list of items that are compostable and those that are recyclable.   There is a also a fast video explaining the program. 

If you find the system confusing, we ask that you put everything in the trash to avoid contaminating our composting and recycling.

BIDMC donates about 50 tons of older furniture, medical equipment and surplus medical supplies annually to local and international non-profits including:

  • Extras for Creative Learning
  • Furniture Trust
  • IMEC America
  • Mass Coalition for the homeless

Contact Information

Elise Vergnano
Sustainability Program Manager
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Phone: 617-667-1627