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Conserve Energy and Fuel

As a member of Boston's Green Ribbon Commission, we have committed to a 25% energy reduction by 2020.

Over the last 6 years BIDMC has spent $8.9M on projects to modify the hospital systems that consume energy. Changes made to both our lighting and HVAC systems have saved so much energy we would have reduced our consumption by 12-15% if our patient volume and staffing levels had remained constant. With a growth rate of over 30% these changes have still enabled us to hold a 3% reduction. We plan to reduce it at least another 5% by FY15.

We have also reduced our water consumption by 14%. 

How you can help: 

  • Walk, bike, or take public transportation to the Medical Center
  • Shop at our farmer's market every Wednesday from 12-3 from June  to October.  

Steps already taken by BIDMC

  • Lighting Efficiency- New lighting standards have been developed to ensure continued use of energy efficient alternatives.
  • Lighting Controls - Light sensors are being deployed throughout BIDMC. They detect whether an area is occupied and turn off the lights when the area has been unoccupied for more than 5-20 minutes. Over 5,000 sensors have been installed in offices, clinic exam rooms, conference areas, etc.
  • Vending Misers - BIDMC began a pilot program in 2006 to install occupancy sensor devices that automatically power down the vending machine after approximately 30 minutes of inactivity. We are in the process of rolling out the pilot program to over 26 vending machines, further saving energy.
  • Print On Copiers - By networking existing copier machines directly to a group of PCs, employees can send all print tasks to a nearby copier at far less cost per page. In addition to conserving energy, there will be fewer printers and toner cartridges carted away to landfills.
  • Elimination of CRTs- Conversion from cathode ray tube-based (CRT) to LCD flat panel computer monitors is good for the environment. By replacing approximately 7,000 CRT to flat panel monitor in 2007, we have lowered the annual electrical power consumption for computer monitors by more than half.
  • Data Center Utilities - The Data Center reduced its utility consumption by consolidating servers, replacing older, less energy efficient devices, and re-configuring equipment despite of growing electronic demand. Better thermal management (e.g. reducing under floor cables, using perforated inserts, shutting down an unneeded A/C unit, adjusting humidity stats, using blanking panels, etc.) also resulted better direct air flow and improved HVAC load.
  • Multiple Energy Projects - BIDMC has been investing in multiple energy conservation projects that upgrade equipment and save electricity, chilled water, steam and water (resulting in $3m to $6m utility costs avoided annually). Steam piping insulation and steam trap repair, air quality optimization, variable speed drives and new motors, building controls and metering projects have all contributed millions of Btu's and kWh's saved.
  • The Waterdrop Program - Since surveying and assessing its water use, the hospital has installed sterilizer condensate tempering control, low flow faucet ends and shower heads, and several other mechanical devices to reduce water consumption. The hospital has cut back water use by about 13%. At a rate of $13.27 per gallon for water and sewer, the estimated savings for this project is $142,000 per year. A simple payback of less than one year. Also, using less water reduces the amount of pumping to the hospital, within the hospital, and at sewer lift stations, about 89 million pounds of fluid each year, saving a significant amount of electricity.
  • Update Toilets and Urinals - Modified all but a tiny handful of toilets and urinals to flush 1.6 gallons
  • Fume Hood Contest - Incentivized researchers to keep their fume hoods closed, saving $80K in annual energy costs.

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