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Meet Our Patients

Charlie Boulmetis

After 20 years of hard work starting and managing his pest control company in Worcester, MA, Charlie looked forward to an idyllic retirement on a farm. But his dream would be rocked by a nightmare medical diagnosis. That’s when he was introduced to Dr. Jennifer Tseng, a complex 10-hour surgery ... and hope.

Dr Jennifer TsengJennifer Tseng, MD
Surgical Oncology

"My partners and I have done hundreds of Whipple surgeries. But what we really have done is help hundreds of patients decide the right treatment based on their specific disease and their individual being."

Ernie Weathersby

Kidney stones plagued Ernie, a professional fisherman, for years. But when he hit 50, the pain became unbearable and got in the way of his fishing. Scans showed tumors in both kidneys. After trying traditional surgery without success, he turned to BIDMC and Dr. Drew Wagner, an expert in robotic techniques, to tackle the cancer.

Dr Andrew WagnerAndrew Wagner, MD
Director, Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery

"It's all about getting the patient back to what they want to do, whether it's taking care of their kids, getting back to work, or doing their hobbies."


Anne Sullivan

Two weeks before her wedding, Anne Sullivan, a nurse at BIDMC, received stunning news. Instead of going on her honeymoon, she would be starting cancer treatments. What she didn't know was that it was the start of a rollercoaster ride filled with despair, hope and, in the end, a miracle named Libby.

Dr Robin JoyceRobin Marie Joyce, MD
Cancer Center

"My expectation, the expectation of our oncology group and the entire hospital is that it's about the patient. And I'm really proud of that."

George Berman

At the young age of 87, George is one of the oldest members of the Wightman Tennis Center in Weston, MA. Recently, he was sidelined after doctors discovered two major blocked arteries. Dr. Jeff Popma of the CardioVascular Institute needed more than stents to get George back into the swing of things.

Dr Jeffery PopmaJeff Popma, MD
CardioVascular Institute

"I try to approach patients as if they are one of my family. I say, 'we are going to get through it.'"